Two studios for your delectation today – Hilary Firth’s Starglazing and the Johnshaven Gallery.  These are next door to each other on Main Street.

Hilary’s lovely hand-thrown tableware, mostly in shades of blue and turquoise, is extremely popular.   During NEOS you can see Hilary at work and admire a large selection of mugs, bowls, jugs, tealight holders etc.

A few of Hilary's pieces in my shop.

Many pieces have a wee fish or shell shape added.  She also has a few quirky wee pieces like this one that I bought from her this morning.

Hilary works in Starfish Studio on the few Sundays that Morag doesn’t do!

During NEOS Ranjit Barry turns one room in her house into the Johnshaven Gallery and features her own work alongside Alison Stewart’s paintings.

Ranjit, under the name RainBow Glass, makes jewellery using fused glass, semi-precious gemstones, silver and crystal.


Fused glass & Swarovski crystals.

Alison Stewart is very well known for her seascapes.  Her house is so close to the sea that you can almost touch the water from her studio which must be a constant source of inspiration.

Alison Stewart working on another masterpiece!

One of Alison's miniature canvases - approx 7cm x 7cm

Hilary, Ranjit and Alison have a selection of their work on display in Starfish Studio all year round.